Tara Williamson

Tara Williamson is a poet and provocateur- the spark that ignites the flame, from Winnipeg, by way of Peterborough. A First Nations singer/songwriter, her music is an unflinching document of self: the truth that hurts before it heals. Her poetic exploration of love and romance bleeds with desire and a brutal honesty that stops just short of cruelty: bold quirky lyrics are at times sarcastic, sentimental and sexy. Melodically and rhythmically intriguing piano accompaniment flows from jazz to pop to R&B and blues. Her, achingly sincere delivery tells an intimate story through every line: it’s the kind of music that moves you to dance and to forget. After relentless live performances across Canada with the likes of Christa Couture, Billie Joe Green, and Cris Derksen, Williamson has released 2 EPs since December 2013 - exceptional offerings from a remarkable emerging talent. 

The most recent EP, ndn summer, is a testament to her ability to cross genres, moods, and territories. This 3-song collection is a compelling look at Indigenous politics, love, betrayal and loyalty. Engineered and produced by Juno award-winning MC, singer, musician and poet, Kinnie Starr, ndn summer is a soundtrack for lovers and fighters alike.

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